about us
We specialize in the spare parts supply of the legendary Honda 4 cylinders.
Over 20 years of Four experience speak for themselves!
In our parts warehouse are about 50000 Honda and Kawasaki parts for different models.
( Z50A, CB50J, CB125, CB250, CB 350K,CB350Four, CB400Four , CB500Four ,CB550 Four , CB650 , Bol Dor , CB750F ,
CB900F, CBX 1000 and many others.)
In the meantime, we supply all Honda parts, if you have the Partnumber, 
 you can email us these and we will create a price quote. 
 Otherwise, always email inquiries for chassis number and first registration date.
Here you come to our Part Search please Hondapartnumber always with minus 16950-300-020 or 16950 or just search for the name eg. Benzinhahn.
And now have fun shopping!
Received orders until 12.00 o'clock, will be delivered the same day, when the parts are in stock!

Angebot des Monats

Auspuffanlage CB750 K7 wieder lieferbar


Unsere Neuheiten

Jede Menge Benzinhähne wieder lieferbar suchen Sie nach 16950-

unser Lager

Hauptständer CB 750 Four

Zündspule komplett CB 500-750 Four

grosse Sitzbankhaltebügel für CB 350 500 750 Four wieder lieferbar!

Auspuffanlage CB 250 K 350 K wieder lieferbar!

Tankdeckel mit Verschluss CB 250 K 450 K CB 350 400 CB 500-750 K2-K6 lieferbar.

Tankdeckelverschluss mit Feder und Stiften CB 250 -750 Four  lieferbar